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Legal or Lawful?

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This conspiracy may rival that of the flat earth vs. spinning globe in the breadth and sophistication of the deception. And make no mistake - those benefiting from this conspiracy will legally lie right to your face to protect their ingenious insidious system and keep you trapped within it. This section is not for the faint of heart or the casual seeking some kind of "free lunch".

You will not receive legal advice here. You will receive the facts. However those failing to do their own due diligence while seeking some kind of 'magic bullet' to exploit the system will be setting themselves up for failure, police violence and even incarceration. You have been warned.

How to best approach this entire subject matter is something that has been given considerable thought. Those seeking real freedom in their lives will probably understand already that we are not free in this country at all. Far from it. Worse yet - those who have appointed themselves as our masters/controllers have invested literally centuries in perfecting that control and will do whatever it takes to maintain their positions of wealth and power. Undoing the damage they have done will be a formidable but doable challenge. It took 150+ years to conceive and perfect the system in Canada that enslaves us all. Breaking free of the abuse will not happen during commercial breaks to Game of Thrones.

Quixote's Horse welcomes those who have the courage and personal integrity to speak truth to power. It is becoming riskier every day in today's political climate to stand on your true beliefs. For those who would prefer to 'keep their heads down' in the hope that things will magically get better, the best we can offer is the following Citizen's Guide for surviving the de facto world of Acts/Statutes/Regulations:


As we research more deeply into the above "citizen rights" it will soon become clear that these rights are not as we have been encouraged to believe. In fact, the designation of "citizen" is also not a good thing. However that is jumping a bit too far ahead at this point. For now, Quixote's Horse wishes those relying upon our "citizen rights" the best of luck. With that, we have done the best we can for those unfortunate enough to find themselves ensnared in the de facto (ie. literally "fake") legal system. Moving on...

For those seeking actual remedy to the increasing abuses of a legal system that is designed to profit the state and its agents at our expense, the following will be a good start. It was originally intended to offer a practical guide to clients of the Kingston Coalition Against Poverty who were seeking relief from Ontario's virtually unaccountable and out of control C.A.S. (Children's Aid Society or Child Abduction Services as they are better known among those who's children have been targeted). It explains the difference between the so-called legal system and our our lawful rights in sufficient detail to serve as an excellent starting point for those who wish to understand how we have been deceived and what remedies are available to us. The Guide is a 16 page .pdf file written in simple to understand language - anyone capable of reading the back of their breakfast cereal box will have no trouble discovering how the current legal system really works and the limits to that system that have been carefully hidden from us:

We will be adding to the links as we continue to build this site. For example - the next article will explain in detail how to make 3rd party debt collectors cease and desist. Lawfully. Check back occasionally...

Whoa ... stop the presses. The original intent per the above paragraph was to start offering practical remedies to the system of Acts/Statutes/Regulations that has enslaved much of the world for so long. Our assumption was that once people were introduced to the deception in a suitably documented manner as presented in the link above, that the power of reason would shatter the illusions and manipulations of the de facto (ie: fake) legal system. But unfortunately it is not that simple, it would seem. Cutting through the misinformation and propaganda is one thing, but undoing the indoctrination is quite another. This was underscored when the following video recently surfaced. The message in the short video seemed clear enough ... until one reads some of the comments. Have a look:

  • Carey Welder Provides Nuanced Context on Resistance

In all fairness, it is surely true that none of the individuals objecting to Welder's nuanced message have any idea about their Constitution or the real Law of the land. Worse - the objectors seem to have bought into the "divide and conquer" manipulations that have been fueling the so-called anti-Trump narratives. Uh - news flash: those of us who understand exactly what is going on are well aware that Hillary sucks and Trump sucks! They both serve the same masters. In fact, the entire system and those responsible for implementing and maintaining it is the problem. Those who have cleverly stolen our real power and resources are only too happy to see us fighting among ourselves over which controlled stooge should be the face of government. "left vs right", Democrat vs Republican, Liberal vs Conservative vs NDP ... it makes no difference at all when the real power brokers sit in the shadows and pull the strings of all the public faces.

Maybe it will help to think of it this way - what sense does it make to argue and fight over which brand of new tires should be put on an old clunker of a car that will barely start and keeps breaking down every time we try to go somewhere? The point is that we get nowhere no matter what shiny new brand of tires we choose to (s)elect. The car is a lemon! It needs to be replaced completely. The public narratives are distracting illusion to keep our focus off the real problem. The car is junk.

We will provide the promised practical remedy for dealing with 3rd party debt collectors fairly soon. However it is absolutely imperative that we have our most basic premises correct. The Law (the real Law of the Land) is our friend. Acts/Statutes/Regulations/maritime law/UCC, call it what you will, is the systemic fraud that needs to be relegated to the junk yard of history. Given the discussions we have had with people over the years and the ignorant (if well meaning) comments to the above video, replacing that broken down lemon of a car for something that actually works for us will not be easy. As long as we continue to fight over the tires, all the best intentions in the world will still not get that clunker to take us down the highway to freedom. It is time to stop falling for the polarizing narratives of the manipulators and start addressing the real problem. It is not Trump, or Hillary, or Trudeau or any of the so-called political leaders in our countries. That was Carey Welder's bottom line message to the resistance. Stop fighting with each other and start turning our resistance efforts on the real source of the problems we are facing. The state coercion needs the array of their de facto (ie: fake) legal system. But we have a better choice than to keep playing within their rigged game. It is time we started (re)learning our real Lawful based power and start acting like the responsible individuals that we are. When enough of us see that light, there is no power on this earth that can oppose us.

Quixote's Horse is offering a proven means to get there. Check back for much more ... you may need to refresh our pages to ensure that you have the latest content. We are selling nothing. You will not need to register for the "good stuff". We CAN make a difference. Together.

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