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The UN Slams the US over Iran Interference

It seems that 2018 is getting off to a fairly good start. We see that the draining of the Washington deep state swamp is finally getting around to focusing on the Wicked Witch of the West, Killery, and her closest aide. Lock them both up! We gather that George Soros had a stroke and has been declared persona non grata in Hungary. And now the attempt by "the imbecile" (according to Paul Craig Roberts) US Ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley, to enlist the support of the UN Security Council for further US/Israel/UK covert meddling in Iran has been coldly dismissed by even the Ambassador from France along with Russia and China. There will be no repeat of the Colin Powell song and dance that led up to the invasion of Afghanistan this time.

The UN Security Council Blows OFF the Latest US Ploy

The Inside Facts from Stephen Lindeman

Yup - Things are looking up for the world as the hits to the globalist psychopaths just keep on coming. Best get ready for the scum's desperate temper tantrums methinks. They will not be going quietly... and you can take that to the bank... or maybe somewhere safer this year.

Nobody expressed any interest in our award winning Christmas short stories so we will not be posting them. We can take a hint. The people have spoken ... or not as the case may be. :-)

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