It Sure Looks Flat

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From the day you were able to focus on a tv screen, you have been exposed to propaganda intended to convince you that the earth is a spinning globe (or oblate sphere or a pear shaped oblate sphere) that spins on its tilted axis at about 1,000 miles per hour at the equator and that circles the sun at about 65,000 m.p.h., is charging around our galaxy at about 625,000 m.p.h., while hurtling through infinite space at more than 1 million miles per hour. Whew! But what if none of that is true? What if the earth is a flat, circular (like a pizza) and unmoving plane just as most of humanity believed it to be up to about 500 years or so ago? Would it matter to you? Would you really want to know the truth? Think about the implications while we dig out our tin foil hats and start looking at the facts which we can confirm for ourselves.

The best conspiracies are so well implemented that even the thought that there might be a deception would never enter our minds. Worse yet - even if by chance we should find ourselves noticing something that did not seem quite right, the conspirators need do nothing but let our own deceived peers and the power of social conditioning quickly coerce us back into line. I seem to recall an original Star Trek television episode that featured the crude but powerful brainwashing technique, "Wrong thinking will be punished. Right thinking will just as quickly be rewarded."

Given that most of us do not relish being called a fool, or worse, being subjected to social ostracism, we are going to approach this subject slowly and cautiously. In fact, most of us who are first introduced to the idea that we have been lied to about the nature of our earth are 'properly skeptical' to say the least! However some of the arguments are so convincing sounding that it becomes something of a personal challenge to prove the 'flat earth nuts' wrong once and for all. We jump on the internet while thinking, 'How tough can this be?' A few videos and web sites later and 'Uh oh' ... this is not the piece of cake we figured it would be.


  IMPORTANT: So it begins... Youtube has deleted a number of accounts offering information about the plane that we live on. The following link is a mirror of the original. Eventually they will probably shut that down as well. Eric Dubay does not have ALL the answers. Even those shadow figures guarding the deceptions probably do not have all the answers. Nevertheless, people are waking up all over the world and the truth is being revealed. No ham handed censorship will succeed in putting this genie back in the bottle. And yes - the truth shall set you free. We will continue to offer the work of those seeking that truth ... wherever it may lead.

Plenty more to come...

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